Client: Network Rail.

Principal Contractor: Story Contracting Limited (Rail Division).

Designer: Network Rail.

ROPETECH’s Role: Specialist Geotechnical Subcontractor

Location: Lancashire

Contract Period: February 2016 to March 2016

ROPETECH were engaged by Story Contracting for the supply and installation of rabbit protection netting to the lower cutting face.

ROPETECH’s work scope included:

Installation of 2,500 m2 rabbit netting.

ROPETECH’s method of working:

Due to the proximity of the works location to the track and the presence of OHLE all works were undertaken under the supervision of a Site Warden utilising roped access techniques with minimal mechanical plant present.

Main Challenges and solutions of the project:

Restricted access due to the slope and presence of OHLE. Solutions: Our roped access teams abseiled down the cutting to conduct the works. Once in position a tension line was installed using two 10.5mm Low stretch ropes to prevent falls from the cutting.


All of ROPETECH’s work was completed safely, within budget and within the programme duration. By working closely with the Principal Contractor and resolving potential issues at site level there were zero variations raised.