Client: Network Rail

Principal Contractor: J Murphy & Sons Limited (Rail Division)

Designer: J Murphy & Sons Limited in-house design

ROPETECH’s Role: De-vegetation and clearance subcontract works

Location: Hertfordshire

Contract Period: July 2016

As part of our ongoing de-vegetation framework agreement ROPETECH were engaged by J Murphy and Sons to undertake de-vegetation and clearance works.

ROPETECH’s work scope included:

  • De-vegetation of 2,000 m2 of mature wooded areas / overgrowth. Works were in close proximity to the rail line and also to 3rd party properties.
  • Clearance of arisings in order to leave a clear work area for follow on civils work.

ROPETECH’s method of working:

Due to the restricted nature of the site works were undertaken using various techniques including:

  • Sectional felling of trees to ensure collapse within the works site.
  • Utilising our tree climbing operatives for felling works to allow sectional felling.
  • Chipping of felled timber on site to reduce arisings.
  • Utilising small chippers to allow access across the site.

Main Challenges and solutions of the project:

  • Short notice and mobilisation period; ROPETECH were required to mobilise a team of 10 operatives within a two week period to allow commencement of the works.
    Solution: As ROPETECH employ many in house IRATA trained operatives we were able to reorganize our teams throughout the country to ensure we had resource available to undertake the works.
  • Restricted working conditions; the site was only 4 meters wide and was bound by private properties on one side and the rail line on the other which severely affected the means of falling trees and outputs.
    Solution: ROPETECH utilised sectional felling techniques to ensure we could work with the rail line open thus allowing us to make use of day time working. Likewise this mitigated the risk of damage to adjoining properties.
  • Potential impact on local residents due to noise, etc.
    Solution: ROPETECH minimised the need for out of hours working and also utilised silenced equipment.
  • Short contract period; the Principal Contractor required the works to be completed in a short period of time to allow follow on works commence.
    Solution: ROPETECH mobilised numerous gangs but also set out the works area’s so each gang could work independently and safely.

Summary: All of ROPETECH’s work was completed safely, within budget and within the programme duration. 2,500 man hours were completed by ROPETECH onsite without any issues or lost time. By working closely with the Principal Contractor and resolving potential issues at site level there were zero variations raised.