Client: Network Rail

Principal Contractor: Story Contracting Limited (Rail Division)

Designer: Aecom

ROPETECH’s Role: Specialist Geotechnical Subcontractor

Location: Cumbria

Contract Period: September 2016 to October 2016.

ROPETECH were engaged by Story Contracting as a specialist subcontractor to stabilise the cutting above the line.

ROPETECH’s work scope included:

  • Installation of 116 number 25mm solid GEWI bars drilled up to 4 meters deep at nominal 4 meter centres over the face of the cutting which is 35 meters high.
  • Installation of 650m2 of Maccaferri MacMat-R Geomat.

ROPETECH’s method of working:

Due to the access constraints the majority of works were undertaken via roped access using our experienced IRATA trained operatives utilising rail possessions. Where conditions allowed, mechanical plant was utilised for installation works.

Main Challenges and solutions of the project:

  • Location; the area was remote and presented potential logistical issues.
    Solution: ROPETECH housed our delivery team close to the works site to ensure the team were well rested and catered for which mitigated the need for unnecessary travel. We procured our materials from trusted suppliers whom we knew could deliver on time and in accordance with our delivery schedule.
  • Site geology; Underlying carboniferous coal, with two meters of overburden.
    Solution: We utilised our experience of working in difficult conditions to provide a realistic construction programme to the Principal Contractor which reflected the difficult drilling conditions. Likewise, installation methods were specifically chosen to ensure they could deal with the site conditions.
  • Access; Due to the nature of the scheme and stability concerns significant consideration was required when deciding on a means of carrying out the works.
    Solution: We worked closely with the Principal Contractor detailing our working arrangement to ensure works were carried out in the safest and most efficient manner, this resulted in us utilising differing methods throughout the site such as drilling from A Frames, using hand held equipment via roped access and utilising mechanical plant where conditions allowed.

Summary: All of ROPETECH’s work was completed safely, within budget and within the programme duration. By working closely with the Principal Contractor and resolving potential issues at site level there were zero variations raised.