Client: Network Rail

Principal Contractor: Story Contracting (Rail Division)

Designer: Network Rail

ROPETECH’s Role: Specialist Masonry Repair Subcontractor

Location: Oxfordshire

Contract Period: April 2017 – Ongoing

As part of our ongoing relationship with Story Contracting, ROPETECH access solutions were contracted to undertake re-casing and re-pointing of brickwork to a rail bridge crossing the river Cherwell.

ROPETECH’s work scope included:

  • Undertaking of all brickwork repairs of varying types over the entire structure.
  • Clearance of all vegetation within 3 meters of structure.

ROPETECH’s method of working:

Originally ROPETECH had planned to install a floating platform so as to undertake the works from scaffold, unfortunately due to environmental constraints we adapted our methodology to utilise a MEWP this would only allow us to access a third of the soffit this required us to think outside of the box and install temporary anchors to allow our operatives to aid climb through the structure.

Main Challenges and solutions of the project:

  • Due to a high percentage of works having to be undertaken via roped access it meant operatives would be required to be suspended for long periods. Solution: ROPETECH utilised young-man boards on a separate rope system to provide operatives a ledge to take the weight from their harnesses. Therefore, ensuring a safe work environment for our operatives.

Summary: All of ROPETECH’s work was completed safely, within budget and within the programme

duration. By working closely with the Principal Contractor and resolving potential issues at site level

there were zero variations raised.