Client: Network Rail

Principal Contractor: J Murphy & Sons Limited (Rail Division)

Designer: J Murphy & Sons Limited in-house design

ROPETECH’s Role: Specialist Roped Access Drainage Installation Subcontractor

Location: Greater Manchester

Contract Period: May 2016 to June 2016

As part of our ongoing geotechnical framework agreement ROPETECH were engaged by J Murphy and Sons to undertake installation of cast iron downpipes on the Grade II listed structure via roped access.

ROPETECH’s work scope included:

Installation of cast iron drainage downpipes to eight of the 16 piers. Downpipes were installed at over 90 foot above ground level with all works being carried out via roped access.

ROPETECH’s method of working:

Due to the access constraints, all works were undertaken using roped access. This involved the installation of 70 eye bolts for rigging purposes.

Main Challenges and solutions of the project:

Access; access was only available via the viaduct during possessions.
Solution: All materials were set up so they could be manually handled and moved to the works locations via hand trolleys. We also setup a separate haul system so materials could be lowered down to the operatives from the top of the viaduct. This ensured we were fully productive during possession times and minimised our time onsite.

All of ROPETECH’s work was completed safely, within budget and within the programme duration. By working closely with the Principal Contractor and resolving potential issues at site level there were zero variations raised.